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StandbyMD directs patients to the level of medical care required based on their health risk, proposing healthcare options available in their location.

Health risk is determined by combining multiple parameters, including symptoms, demographics and health history. Healthcare options include a wide variety of medical services accessible through an assistance center or a web app.

Healthcare Services

StandbyMD’s services are backed up by one of the most extensive networks in the world, including more than 1.5 million vetted medical providers that offer members incomparably easy access to multiple levels of personalized care, regardless of their location and the time of day:
  • Teleconsultations and video consultations for eligible cases
  • A network of visiting physicians
  • In-network clinics including, walk-in clinics and urgent care centers
  • In-network ERs, when medically necessary

Members enjoy premium access to quality health care when they need it, and most services are cashless.

StandbyMD rationalizes the demands on healthcare services, optimizing costs from the moment services are activated at the start of the assistance process.



For minor ailments including cold, mild allergies, UTI, bladder infection and sinusitis, your member can speak with a doctor over the phone.
House Calls

House Calls

In situations where your member must be seen by a doctor, StandbyMD can recommend visiting physicians who can consult at the patient’s location.


StandbyMD uses a wide network of clinics and urgent care centers where your member can be referred to a doctor in a timely fashion.
ER Visits

ER Visits

For critical cases only, StandbyMD may refer your members who need emergency care to the nearest location.


StandbyMD’s services are available worldwide, providing quick, seamless access to quality healthcare, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across all time zones.
Local options may vary according to each healthcare system, and its legal context.

Countries where StandbyMD services have been provided since 2017

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