Can StandbyMD provide teleconsultations?

Yes, StandbyMD can provide teleconsultations for cases where it is appropriate. Other options can be used according to the situation and needs of each patient.

Is StandbyMD a telemedicine product?

StandbyMD is more than just a telemedicine product. It is a directional care solution that includes a variety of medical services including telemedicine, house calls, and visits to clinics or ER if necessary. StandbyMD determines the level of care needed and suggests the best available options according to the member symptoms, profile, location and time of day.

Where can StandbyMD be used?

Everywhere! We have provided services in more than 100 countries since 2017.

Are StandbyMD’s four levels of care available in all countries?

We can provide a variety of services globally. Due to legal, cultural and/or economic contexts, certain services cannot be provided in all areas. StandbyMD will always suggest the best options for each specific situation and provide referrals to the most appropriate provider.

Can we use StandbyMD services to arrange or manage admissions?

No, it is not meant to manage inpatient cases. StandbyMD is a directional care program designed for ambulatory services only and is the best program for outpatient needs.

Does StandbyMD’s algorithm give any diagnoses or treatment?

No, we do not provide any diagnosis or treatment.  StandbyMD’s risk assessment algorithm is based on a variety of factors including symptom analysis, provider availability and qualification, and patient location to provide a referral to the best available medical care time-wise, quality-wise and cost-wise.

Can StandbyMD be used separately for medical advice or second medical opinion?

No, we do not offer any medical advice or second medical opinions.

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