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StandbyMD’s scope and applications are designed to benefit
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Insurance Company Building

Innovative cost-avoidance


AI-powered solutions

Associations, Groups & NGOs

Customizable networks

Credit Card Providers

Challenge traditional rewards programs


Increase attractiveness, reduce absenteeism


Instant access to high-quality healthcare


Worldwide scope

Insurance Companies

Companies operating in the highly competitive health and travel insurance industry need innovative solutions to stand out from competition, to offer added value to their members and to slow down premium increases resulting from steady, double-digit healthcare cost inflation worldwide.

Thanks to a unique, directional care approach, StandbyMD resolves these challenges by steering patients to the right level of care in each situation and by rationalizing healthcare expenses before a claim occurs.

StandbyMD proactively reduces costs and loss ratios much more efficiently than back-end negotiations, offering tailored referrals and seamless access to quality healthcare worldwide, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable networks provide the level, quality and cost of services each company requires.


Assistance Companies

Best practices in health and travel assistance consist in customizing necessary aid to unique situations, all over the world – an incredibly complex challenge when multiple variables come into play.

Thanks to cutting-edge AI, StandbyMD simplifies and streamlines data collection, instantly presenting an easy to understand array of accurate, tailor-made solutions, combined with worldwide direct billing options.

StandbyMD resolves 90% of claims at the first call by offering multiple levels of healthcare for each patient to choose from, significantly increasing the number of satisfactory referrals and positive customer experiences.

Associations, Affinity Groups & NGO’s

StandbyMD can be offered as a membership advantage, fostering a sense of value through access to premium medical assistance worldwide.

Wherever they travel, members will appreciate the feeling of security in knowing they have multiple levels and various types of convenient, quality healthcare available to them.

StandbyMD’s networks are fully customizable: our clients can choose which providers and types of care are made available to their members.

Credit Card Providers

StandbyMD challenges traditional benefits packages and rewards programs by adding tangible value to cardholder policies.

Whether it’s to distinguish a portfolio or to increase brand attractiveness, the innovative advantages offered through StandbyMD will meet the needs of premium cardholders, tourists and families.


As part of an employer benefits plan, StandbyMD provides an innovative market advantage, enhancing corporate image, increasing attractiveness and improving a company’s retention rate.

Employees enjoy the sense of value in working for a company that demonstrates care for their health by offering a complete array of quality, cashless medical services to them and their families, wherever they are in the world.

Employers appreciate StandbyMD’s AI-generated cost-efficiency, enabling them to offer their members 24/7/365 healthcare access, improving health and well-being, resulting in greater productivity and reduced absenteeism.


Airline & Maritime Industries

Aircrew and seagoing personnel work rigorously under stressful conditions.

StandbyMD is the perfect solution in providing them with instant access to high-quality healthcare, anywhere in the world.

Multinational Organizations

Multinational organizations with regional subsidiaries or employees travelling for work recognize StandbyMD as the premiere, on-demand healthcare assistance solution.

StandbyMD offers premium, personalized assistance across all time zones. Our agents possess the necessary expertise and knowledge in local healthcare systems to ensure 24/7/365 streamlined, expedited access to efficient, convenient, quality healthcare services, anywhere in the world.

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