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StandbyMD has a very high first-call resolution rate, reflecting the efficient treatment members receive. It is the only worldwide program that gives complete insight on the whole claim from opening to closing. It provides reliable information whether your member was successfully treated on the first call or called again for the same symptoms.

Your members spend more time enjoying their trip or time abroad and you avoid unnecessary costs!


For your members including tourists, business travellers, seasonal workers, students or expats, StandbyMD suggests the appropriate medical care for common non-emergency issues. You provide members with exceptional medical care while increasing your profitability.

Please have your member call StandbyMD prior to any treatment.


StandbyMD reduces the cost of outpatient net paid claims by avoiding unnecessary ER visits. With StandbyMD it is possible to achieve a reduction up to 50 percent on the average incurred outpatient claim cost. The percentages vary between clients and change based on members’ profiles and locations.

We are able to provide an accurate estimate of what your savings could be based on your unique existing outpatient data.


StandbyMD is designed to easily adapt to your unique processes and needs.
Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your operating procedures in many ways:
  • StandbyMD services can be provided by our assistance team helping your members on an initial call or through a warm transfer.
  • The API can be incorporated into your own web site or mobile app
  • The complete StandbyMD platform can be embedded into your systems if you prefer to manage the entire relationship with your member. We can even customize the StandbyMD platform to refer the member to your own preferred providers, and if nothing is available it can default back to our worldwide network.

StandbyMD is designed to adapt to your unique business needs. Let us know what your requirements are.

We have the solution that matches your priorities!

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